Leicester Medical Student’s Spring Ball!

Sound n Motion were asked to supply a DJ for the annual Spring Ball to be held at the prestigious Athena venue in Leicester. This converted cinema was unlike anything we have played before with the DJ booth and sound desk/lighting console up in the old balcony area (which had its own bar!)

We went on after the brilliant Leicester University Big Band who got everyone up jiving so we had an awesome full floor to work with straight off the bat and we kept them there all night.

Here are some pictures from the night and big thanks to Leicestershire DJs for booking us and all the staff and crew at Athena for making us feel so welcome. Hope to see you again soon!

Someday – A Tribute To Old Skool!

Some of our DJs were there right at the beginning of dance music and still have a magic touch on the wheels of steel!

Some of the forty-somethings that book us had their first musical experiences as sweaty twenty-somethings at mega loud raves. Sometimes, they like to relive those moments and may ask for some Prodigy or “On A Ragga Tip” at a wedding or christening after a few too many red-stripes.

That’s ok, our Darren was a hardcore raver when he was a few years younger and played at many raves up and down the country in the early nineties.

He still plays out at old school nights from time to time and put this promotional video together for some friends ‘tup north who still stage the events.

Now it’s a bunch of sweaty forty-somethings in a mega loud rave and things haven’t changed! (well, hairlines are thinner, waists are bigger and we can’t quite dance for as long as we used to… but the music still excites just as much as it did back then)

Have a look at these tribute videos and then book us for an old school theme night if that was/is your scene! (we can even supply whistles and white gloves).

We’re here for you!

You know, it’s been a strange old year and we hope you’re having a great 2020. We had some teething problems with our email system so missed a lot of enquiries.

We’re sorry.

If you tried to contact us in the last few months and we have given you the silent treatment… it’s not you, it’s us. We weren’t ignoring you, we just didnt get your message until it was too late.

So, shall we put that behind us and move on?

Let’s have a party.

Welcome and congratulations!

You’ve got a big event coming up!

You’re in safe hands.

Here is a little advice from our decades of experience that might help you when booking a disco. Putting on a party can be hectic and worrying but we’re here to advise and make suggestions if you’re unsure to what you need or want.

“Nice day for a White Wedding”

A wedding reception is meant to be a time to relax and celebrate with friends and family, We want to reassure you that when you book us, we will be set up and ready to go with minimum fuss and disruption so you can get on with enjoying one of the most important days of your life.

We will need a first dance choice, sometimes a bride and father dance follows the first dance. It doesnt have to be a ballad – we’ve played polka and morris dancing music in the past!

“Money, that’s what I want!”

We have packages to suit most budgets. Going rates change from area to area but we have a motto – cheap discos aren’t good, and good discos aren’t cheap. We will work with you and clarify any extras such as confetti cannons, love letters, smoke etc that you would like. Other factors that can inflate prices are late licenses, early starts to provide background music and unusual locations such as fields or distant venues.

We’re here to help so call us and we can talk so there are no surprises.

“Hey Mr DJ, put a record on”

That helps us a lot as it gives us a guage as to what kind of genres you like. DJs aren’t mind readers and it can take a little time to read a room and look for feet tapping, nodding heads, smiles and mouthing words to get a handle on what will work and what won’t.

Be aware that there is a set amount of hours to work with so please don’t provide a Spotify playlist of a thousand songs. Please give us some room to work and you won’t be disapointed.

You don’t book a comedian then give her a list of jokes you want saying!

Lights are gonna’ blind me”

Epiepsy can be triggered by strobe lighting and it is a requirement to post signs on venue doors warning guests that they are being used. If you are unsure, it is best to let us know and we will leave strobe lightning from the set up.

All our equipment complies with legislation in regards to intensity, running temperature and PAT testing but some people are more sensitive to flashing lights than others. Please let us know as your safety and happiness is of paramount importance to us!

“And dig those rhythm and blues”

We carry music for all occassions but even DJs can be surprised by some requests. Bringing a mobile phone or mp3 player and expecting the DJ to be able to plug it in or play music from it is not possible. It breaks certain licensing laws as the music wasnt purchased by the DJ. Also bare in mind that even with todays technology and hard drive sizes, the DJ will not own every single record ever made. Especially album tracks and rare b-sides or underground niche tracks. Give us a heads up before the event and we will ensure we have downloaded the right tracks for the night.

It’s your party so music is of course your choice. But, in our experience, it is adviseable to let the guests decide by feet on the dance floor. Unless of course everyone is aware of the music choices for the night and have the same tastes! We wouldn’t play a request for Abba at a Rock N’ Roll themed night or an Ibiza Foam Party!

We once worked a wedding where the bride and groom wanted nothing but heavy rock. Of course, we obliged and politely turned down those people asking for other kinds of music. Most people had left before the end and the bride and groom couldnt understand why!

Relax, let us do our job, and have a good time with your guests!

Band on The Run

We work well with bands and singers but they will need their own PA. We can provide one if they do not have one but it is a seperate kind of system and tech requirements that a standard disco set up wouldn’t be able to handle.

A singer can plug a microphone in but it is always best for them to use their own system. They will know this and most are already prepared. We can help out if they are not but with at least a month’s notice.

Acoustic guitarist parents, a friend of the birthday girl who is pretty neat on the ukelele, the groom’s uncle who plays a mean harmonica! If you want them to have a play, that’s fine but let us know if possible as a microphone stand and a second microphone aren’t always standard issue!

Take into consideration the size of the venue, space for two sets of speakers, a drummer, back line and DJ. Where are we all going to go?

“I Hear You Knocking, but you can’t come in”

How many guests are you expecting? If there is a buffet, people usually don’t dance until after they’ve eaten (and maybe had a few drinks and got in the mood!)

Check the size of the venue and consider if a close party of 30 friends and family in a huge sport’s pavillion will just rattle around in there making the party look and feel empty. The same for booking a back room at a cosy pub and inviting half of Warwickshire.

“Let The Music Play”

When a party has gone well, there are usually calls from the guests for “one more!” We try and time our sets so that we finish on time as this is usually a legal requirement by the venue, not because we’re desperate to get home! (this is the best job in the world and don’t tell anyone but we’d do it for free if it didn’t cost so much to run!)

Some venues are cool with going over a few minutes and some will even allow an impromptu extension. If we are asked to continue just a few minutes over (one last anthem to send everyone home with a song in their hearts!) that’s ok with us if it is ok with the venue. But we do charge for the complete hour if asked to work longer past the scheduled finish.

“Uh oh, we’re in Trouble”

We love party people, but we have to protect our staff from rude guests who have had a few too many. Just the same as any barstaff or venue staff, we reserve the right to ask the offending person to leave, and if we feel threatened, to cease working with no refund. In extreme cases we may even call the police.

If any equipment is damaged by rowdy guests, we reserve the right to prosecute.

In over thirty years of experience, we have only ever known this to happen twice.

Please be guest-aware so we can work in safety!