We are more than aware that the pandemic is far from “over”. However, with the lifting of restrictions in the UK apparently working as well as possible, life is starting to at least resemble how it was two years ago.

Sound n Motion are taking bookings for the many postponed weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so on, and have already enjoyed your company at the many venues that we have partnerships with. It is a very busy time now as people cautiously emerge (at least in part) from our lock-down lives and it will be a while before we can be 100% comfortable or confident that we can now just “crack on”.

Many of us have lost people along the way and we would like to extend our sympathies to those who will have an empty seat at the head table when they finally get to exchange their vows.

Sadly, some of our competitors have fallen by the way side due to the huge impact lock-down has had on the hospitality sector. Including many venues where we once had banging parties. We also offer our sympathies to those businesses that didn’t make it.

But, life moves on, it has to.

Give us a call or an email to discuss what we can do to help try and wipe the memory of a crappy 18 months and celebrate how we used to… albeit with one eye on the news.

Stay safe,



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