Bigger and Better!

Hey, how’s it been?
We’ve been really busy updating and rearranging the business and what we can offer YOU to make sure your events and parties go off with a BOOM.
The Lockdown gave us time to acquire some extra goodies into the SnM catalogue whilst everyone was stuck at home, and we’ll be adding pictures and details about these goodies in the coming weeks.
As well as bespoke wedding/birthday add-ons such as love letters and marquees, we have an array of inflatables now added to our stock.
Bucking broncos, bungee runs, carnival games, hog roasts and other attractions are now yours to add to make your event be the talk of your friends for months and years to come.
Standby for more information and, as always, take care of yourselves and each other.

No Venue? No Problem…

We are very proud to announce that we will soon be able to even help you with the venue! Well… Sort of.

This inflatable dome is fully ventilated and can hold up to 150 people! We can start quoting immediately if you’d like to take your party to different places or simply add some extra square footage to your event for displays, catering, chill-out space, convention, meetings etc etc.


We are more than aware that the pandemic is far from “over”. However, with the lifting of restrictions in the UK apparently working as well as possible, life is starting to at least resemble how it was two years ago.

Sound n Motion are taking bookings for the many postponed weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so on, and have already enjoyed your company at the many venues that we have partnerships with. It is a very busy time now as people cautiously emerge (at least in part) from our lock-down lives and it will be a while before we can be 100% comfortable or confident that we can now just “crack on”.

Many of us have lost people along the way and we would like to extend our sympathies to those who will have an empty seat at the head table when they finally get to exchange their vows.

Sadly, some of our competitors have fallen by the way side due to the huge impact lock-down has had on the hospitality sector. Including many venues where we once had banging parties. We also offer our sympathies to those businesses that didn’t make it.

But, life moves on, it has to.

Give us a call or an email to discuss what we can do to help try and wipe the memory of a crappy 18 months and celebrate how we used to… albeit with one eye on the news.

Stay safe,



Everything Crossed!

So, with the current roadmap that the UK Government have laid out, it is possible that 21st June will be the turning point where we can really start living our lives again.

Of course, this is said with great caution and knocking of lots of wood (Richard’s head is very useful for that sort of thing) but we are, as said before, very optimistic and holding onto hope that we can be a part once again of your celebrations and special occasions, not only for 2021/22 but also for every special moment we lost in 2020.

We are already taking bookings and our diary is starting to look good for the months following the planned lifting of rules.

We will honour our promise that all deposits paid before the event will be fully returned, no hassle, if we have to cancel because of Covid related reasons such as extended lockdown, widened rules or venues being unable to open.

Let’s get going again!



Here’s to 2021

Richard, Darren and all the team at Sound in Motion hope you are all doing well and feeling ok considering the difficult times we are all experiencing right now. Some of us have lost loved ones and we wish to give our deepest sympathies at this time.

People have also lost livelihoods and businesses because of the pandemic. We know too many fellow DJs and entertainment companies that have now vanished because of the limitations on venues being able to open. To those businesses that we worked with (and sometimes competed with) we hope you get back on your feet soon and if there’s anything Sound n Motion can do to help out, let us know.

As 2020 was a time to stay apart but also come together, 2021 will see us come closer together than ever before.

Our diary was full and the Christmas period in particular was looking to be very exciting with new clients and some awesome parties for us to work. Weddings were cancelled, special days relegated to small get-togethers in controlled environments, and birthday parties, large and small, placed on ice in an effort to stem the pandemic and to protect our vulnerable loved ones.

Heck, we weren’t even allowed to have our music on loud!

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And it is flashing red, blue, green and neon accompanied by pumping music, laughter and dance-floor shenanigans that we aim to make happen in such a way, that we can more than make up for the lost moments that the pandemic took from us.

SOUND N MOTION ARE STILL HERE, and ready to take your bookings for your 2021 celebrations to come, and the 2020 celebrations we had to skip. Well… maybe not skip, just “postpone”.

We are really excited to take up where we left off, proving top notch discos for you, large or small. There’s no risk to the optimistic who, like us, are hopeful for a return to being able to celebrate our milestones and events with our friends and family.

So let’s hope that restrictions will be lifted enough that we can make up for lost time. But, if things don’t turn out right, and we are forced to lock-down and you have to cancel because of the pandemic, there will be no quibble at all.

We believe in being optimistic, hopeful and ready. And once we have some more information about the state of entertainments in the UK, we will be there for you.

Stay safe.