Everything Crossed!

So, with the current roadmap that the UK Government have laid out, it is possible that 21st June will be the turning point where we can really start living our lives again.

Of course, this is said with great caution and knocking of lots of wood (Richard’s head is very useful for that sort of thing) but we are, as said before, very optimistic and holding onto hope that we can be a part once again of your celebrations and special occasions, not only for 2021/22 but also for every special moment we lost in 2020.

We are already taking bookings and our diary is starting to look good for the months following the planned lifting of rules.

We will honour our promise that all deposits paid before the event will be fully returned, no hassle, if we have to cancel because of Covid related reasons such as extended lockdown, widened rules or venues being unable to open.

Let’s get going again!



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