Someday – A Tribute To Old Skool!

Some of our DJs were there right at the beginning of dance music and still have a magic touch on the wheels of steel!

Some of the forty-somethings that book us had their first musical experiences as sweaty twenty-somethings at mega loud raves. Sometimes, they like to relive those moments and may ask for some Prodigy or “On A Ragga Tip” at a wedding or christening after a few too many red-stripes.

That’s ok, our Darren was a hardcore raver when he was a few years younger and played at many raves up and down the country in the early nineties.

He still plays out at old school nights from time to time and put this promotional video together for some friends ‘tup north who still stage the events.

Now it’s a bunch of sweaty forty-somethings in a mega loud rave and things haven’t changed! (well, hairlines are thinner, waists are bigger and we can’t quite dance for as long as we used to… but the music still excites just as much as it did back then)

Have a look at these tribute videos and then book us for an old school theme night if that was/is your scene! (we can even supply whistles and white gloves).

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